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CAR-T-Man Coloring Book 25 Pack with Crayons

CAR-T-Man Coloring Book 25 Pack with Crayons

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25 Pack of Coloring Books with crayons!  A great price with bulk purchase! 4 pack of crayons included with each book! 

Get ready for an amazing cancer fighting adventure! Join CAR-T-Man, his family and his Golden Retriever Blaze on an incredible journey in his battle to beat the cancer Villain!

The genetic marvel of CAR-T-Cell Therapy has set him on a heroic mission to beat the cancer villain once and for all! 

Can a coloring book provide chills of inspiration? This one can. This is both a coloring book and an inspirational empowering survivor story. A story about facing adversity, using the imagination to foster strength. It introduces the breakthrough cancer/leukemia treatment CAR-T-Cell Therapy. Whose beginnings can be attributed to a 6 year old leukemia fighter who would not give in. Her heroes story inspired CAR-T-Mans. This story is meant to show the power of sharing our battles and to pass that inspiration along to all to find their inner hero. 

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