Cover of CAR-T-Man a super hero flying with a bright orange cape using a cell to destroy cancer villain

CAR-T-Man! Unleashing the Genetic Marvel of CAR-T-Cell Therapy! The story of a hero dad who harnesses the power of the breakthrough cancer treatment CAR-T-Cell Therapy to take on the Villain that is Cancer! More than just a coloring book, it is a moving story of imagination, resilience and inspiration for the whole family!

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CAR-T Cell Therapy is the next generation of cancer treatment. Help spread the word about this breakthrough treatment!

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superhero cancer fighter with beaker and CAR T cells beating cancer powering him flying thru the air

The Origin of CAR-T-Man

CAR-T-Man is the genetically modified version of myself that I envisioned becoming to beat cancer after choosing to enter a clinical trial.

I was one of the first fifty people in the world with Non Hodgkins Follicular Lymphoma to volunteer to have my T cells collected, flown across the country, genetically modified in a lab, multiplied by the millions, then flown back across the country and reinfused into me to recognize and kill the cancer!

What is CAR-T-Cell Therapy??

CAR-T-Cell therapy is the the next generation of cancer treatments.

CAR is the acronym for "Chimeric Antigen Receptor".

The process uses our own genetically modified T Cells to recognize and kill cancer cells.

With CAR-T-Cell Therapy, the power of the HIV virus has been harnessed to be used as a means to destroy cancer cells. Here is a diagram of the process below.

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Diagram of a Car-T-Cell attack

How it Works...

CAR-T Cell Therapy uses our own

genetically modified T cells

to recognize and kill the cancer!

Amazing Medical Science at work!

  • My CAR-T Survivor Story

    My name is Tyler Goodwin, this is my cancer survivor story and my store.

    I was inspired to enter into a clinical trial when my stem cell transplant failed after seeing a young leukemia survivor and her family's story on the nightly news. They said at the time they were also testing the process on other types of cancers. I noted her name and the process in my phone's notes that night. When my SCT failed 6 months later and they offered me an Allo SCT or the chance to try CAR-T Cell Therapy in a clinical trial, I immediately recalled their story and said yes I will enter the trial...! The process saved my life, and the drug was given FDA approval, opening the door for others with Follicular Lymphoma based on my trial, just like my inspiration to enter the trial, Emily Whitehead, who brought the first treatment to approval. I share my story in hopes I can also help others to know about this treatment and it's potential in the fight against cancer.

    Video: Documentary on my cancer journey 
  • Who will Benefit

    Our store's goal is to raise enough funds through sales of our products to be able to make a difference in the lives of cancer patients.

    When I went through years as a cancer patient, even with insurance, the constant drain on the funds from co-pays, deductibles, meds, gas, hotel stays, food on the road. It really adds up and adds to the stress on top of being sick and literally worrying about dying. with your help wants to help cancer patients directly with these expenses.

    Please consider supporting our cause, and help us to build the resources to make a difference for those in the battle of their lives against cancer.

  • Clinical Trials

    A Clinical Trial is what saved me and they are how we move forward with medical advancements. Often they may be the only option when all known treatment options have been exhausted. One of my questions about entering a trial was, will I possibly get a placebo?? No, not in cancer trials, these are life and death situations and not the type of trial where you would not get the actual trial medicine. The CTG website is a data base of all clinical trials taking place around the world. Visit for a list of all trials being conducted.