Collection: CAR-T-Man Coloring Book

Get ready for an amazing cancer fighting adventure! Join CAR-T-Man, his family and his Golden Retriever Blaze on an incredible journey in his battle to defeat the cancer Villain!

The cancer villain has returned once again, and the genetic marvel of CAR-T-Cell Therapy has set this hero Dad on a heroic mission to beat the cancer villain once and for all! Can a Clinical Trial for this new cancer therapy work to beat the relentless cancer? 

CAR-T-Man is both a coloring book and an inspirational empowering story. A story about facing adversity, using the imagination to foster strength. It introduces the breakthrough cancer/leukemia treatment CAR-T-Cell Therapy. Whose beginnings can be attributed to a 6 year old leukemia fighter who would not give in. Her heroes story inspired CAR-T-Mans. This story is meant to pass that inspiration along to all to find their inner hero.